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About Us
Trinity TechClean L.L.C. was founded as the need for technology equipment cleaning and the disinfection of equipment has increased over the years. Keeping technology equipment clean has always been a severly overlooked aspect of all business industries. Most IT departments are not concerned with the actual cleaning of the equipment. Their focus is primarily on software issues, connectivity problems and the breakdown of hardware and equipment.

We believe that using preventative maintaince to keep your technology related equipment clean will increase the life of your equipment, cut down on the problems caused by unclean equipment, allow your IT department to focus on more important issues and save your business time and money by having clean, working equipment.

In recent years cleanliness in the workplace has become one of the biggest priorities of every business in all industries. Employee absence due to illness has been an ongoing, yet growing issue and business' are losing thousands, even millions of dollars each year from "office sickness". This causes loss of valuable work time, added workload for other employees and potential loss of profit for a business when employees are absent from work because of sickness. To help prevent this problem, we disinfect all technology equipment, especially those most commonly shared among office employees. 

Visit our Reasons to Clean to see the problems of having dirty equipment and the benefits we can provide from our services.


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