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Trinity TechClean takes pride that not only do we clean the dust and dirt out of your technology related equipment, but we are strongly focused on the disinfection of your equipment. With thousands of companies in all fields focusing more and more on the concept of keeping a clean and germ free environment, we strive to maintain the highest level of keeping your business as clean and germ free as possible. Most IT departments DO NOT provide these services as much as management might want to think they do. They are more focused on fixing or replacing equipment when it fails instead of helping to keep the equipment clean and working. Keeping your technology related equipment clean and disinfected can be vital for any business. Here we offer you some of the many reasons to keep your equipment clean and germ free and some of the benefits of having clean technology equipment.

Germs in the workplace

Several studies have shown that technology related office equipment has an overwhelming amount of germs and bacteria, surprisingly several hundred times more than that of a toilet. Most IT departments and cleaning services do not clean the equipment. IT departments only fix problems when they occur and do not want to be bothered with cleaning because they have more important issues and cleaning services are usually not allowed to clean technology equipment due to the sensitive nature of the equipment. 

Millions of dollars are lost each year due to employees taking off work because they are sick every year. Not only does a business lose money, but when an employee has to take off work, that is an added workload on the other employees to try to cover for the sick individual.

Take a minute to think about everything that you touch throughout your work day. Your face, hair, ears, door handles, money, coffee pots, telephones, etc. Now think how many other people are doing the same thing in your business and how many of those things thay people share throughout the day. Each time a person touches things they are transferring and sharing any germs that they might be carrying on to you.

There have been several media outlets that have noticed the problem of germs in the workplace and have run stories about how bad the problem of germs are in the workplace and the effects. Here are the links to just a few of the many stories about this problem:

ABC News..How Workplace Tech Can Make You Sick
Today Show..Is Your Workplace A Bacteria Cafeteria?

Below are the results from a workplace study by Microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba and published in Entrepreneur magazine.  Click Here to read the full article on


Office Item Bacteria Numbers Per Surface

Average Number of Bacteria Per Surface













Fax machine



Copy machine



Men's toilet seat


49 article on Top 8 Germiest Places to Avoid

This article from listed Offices as the 4th Germiest place with telephones and desks being the top places in the office setting that have/carry the most germs. The reason for this is that people do not disinfect the most common areas in their offices.

Business First article on Allergies Cost U.S. Business' BILLIONS

Allergies are nothing to sneeze at — for sufferers, employers or pharmaceutical companies that generate billions of dollars each year for medications to treat the common ailments. Wellpoint Inc., the Washington, D.C.-based organization,  reported that for adults, allergies such as hay fever are the fifth-leading chronic disease and a major cause of work absenteeism and lost workdays, which results in $700 million lost productivity. Businesses in cities such as Louisville, St. Louis, Oklahoma City and Dayton, Ohio, might want to take note of the costs, considering all four cities once again are among the 10 worst for fall allergies.


Preventative Maintainance

Dust and dirt are the biggest enemies of all technology equipment. Fans can draw in dust/dirt to not only clog up the fans but also distribute and build up the harmful properties throughout the equipment (computers and printers are the main targets of dust/dirt). Dust and dirt will eventually lead to the breakdown of components, cause over heating of power supplies which can lead to equipment failure/break down and can also cause equipment to run slowly. By keeping the dust/dirt out, your equipment will last longer and run better. This will also save money on costly repairs and replacements.


Nobody thinks that their technology equipment is dirty until it is pointed out to them. How many times have you been to a business and had to use their phone and noticed the dirty keys and dust on the screen. Now think if that's how people see your business when they use your equipment. By keeping your equipment clean, it shows that you care not only about your business but the people that do business with you. It is always easier and better to work with clean equipment, keys that don't stick, phones that don't have dirt/grime built up on the keys and debris in the ear piece/mouth piece of the handset, food particles/staples/dirt in and on your keyboard. A clean business is a happy and healthy business.

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