Trinity TechClean L.L.C.
Your Technology Equipment Cleaning Professionals

We offer a wide variety of technology cleaning services:

Complete Computer Cleaning and Disinfection
This includes the complete cleaning of the PC, inside and out. Safely removing the dust/dirt out of the power supply and air vents, inside the PC including the motherboard and other components, all disk drives and connections on both the front and back of the PC and cleaning the case itself to make your PC look as though it was new. Also included is the cleaning of the monitor (wiping down the screen with anti-static cleaning wipes and cleaning out the air vents to allow proper air flow), cleaning and disinfecting of the mouse and cleaning the dust/dirt/debris from the keyboard and disinfecting the keys to help stop the spread of germs.

Laptop Cleaning and Disinfection
Removing the dust from the air vents for proper air flow, cleaning out the disk drives, wiping down the screen with anti-static cleaning wipes and removing the dust/dirt/debris from the keyboard and also disinfecting the keyboard to help reduce the spread of germs.

Printer/Copier Cleaning and Disinfection
Cleaning out of loose paper, dust and printer ink will reduce the problems and downtime that are common with printers/copiers. The disinfecting of the keypads/touch screens will reduce the spread of germs and the cleaning of the copier surface will allow for better copies.

Telephone Cleaning and Disinfection
The telephone is the most overlooked piece of equipment when it comes to cleaning and it is also the most commonly shared piece of equipment in every office. Removing the dirt/debris from the handset and speaker will allow for better sound quality. Cleaning and disinfecting of the handset, handset cradle and the keys will greatly reduce the spread of germs which can reduce the amount of time off from employees due to "office sickness".

Point of Service Cleaning and Disinfection
Point of Service systems are an integral part of several business' today. Maintaining a clean system will increase the life of the system, reduce problems and downtime and also reduce the spread of germs to employees. We will clean the monitor with disinfecting anti-static wipes, clean the dust/dirt out of the unit, fans and air vents to allow for proper air fow, clean and disinfect the keyboards and also clean and disinfect any cash drawers that might accompany each unit.

We also offer services for a variety of other equipment such as cash registers, postal meters, adding machines, credit card machines, etc.

Feel free to browse our photogallery to see some before/after pictures of equipment that we have serviced.

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